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EFT Free Downloads of EFT Imagineering ebook, The ABC of EFT Handout and Emotional Freedom Techniques Collected EFT articles by Gwyneth Moss EFT Maseter

EFT Free Downloads The ABC of EFT,

EFT Imagineering

and EFT articles ebook by Gwyneth Moss



EFT Training  with Gwyneth Moss Yorkshire UK dates


EFT Foundations

AAMET Level One Plus

10/11 May

EFT Practitioner

AAMET Level Two

17/18 May

The Art of Delivery

AAMET Level Three

22/23 March




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EFT tapping

EFT Training Courses with Gwyneth Moss


EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master


EFT Courses Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master trainers


EFT Training course in Ilkley, West Yorkshire


Learning EFT with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master  in Yorkshire


Learning EFT with Gwyneth Moss in Yorkshire


EFT Learning on EFT Training Courses in Yorkshire


EFT Practitioner training with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master in Ilkley near Leeds


AAMET EFT Level 3 Practitioner training with Gwyneth Moss


EFT coaching training and EFT for coaches


EFT Mentoring with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master in Yorkshire


EFT Training Courses with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master Trainer



EFT tapping

Understanding EFT Training Levels

EFT Training Course Dates and Prices

EFT  Foundations (Level One Plus)

EFT  Practitioner (Level Two)

EFT  Art of Delivery (Level Three)

About Trainer Training with Gwyneth Moss

Download EFT Training brochure

NEW!!!  Gwyneth's internationally acclaimed EFT training has been profesionally filmed and is now available on dvd as an EFT Training Companion.  You can only purchase these directly from Gwyneth or at her workshops. EFT Training DVDs

EFT Tapping is for everybody.  For therapists and trainers, for health workers, teachers and coaches, for mums and dads, and for each and every one of us.  You don't have to be a health professional or complementary therapist to come on EFT training courses, these workshops are open to and suitable for all. And if you are a health professional you will learn a highly effective and gentle tool to add to your skill set and incorporate into your practice.


A Guild is a supportive community of skilled craftspeople.  The EFT Guild Completion of Gwyneth's practical workshops and case study assessment leads to the EFT Guild Practitioner certificates; membership of the community; and eligibility for listing in the EFT Guild directory.

EFT training is also available in the USA from ACEP.  The ACEP program is directed by Tina Craig, daughter of Gary Craig.  This training is thorough, rigorous and expensive and will appeal to licenced professionals.  Though I have not experienced these workshops myself I would expect the program to be of very high quality.  

Application and Practice:  EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss

The training I offer is in the practical application of the tool of EFT Tapping. I can't teach you "how it works" and I can teach you "how to do it".  These are highly praised focused trainings that enable you to integrate EFT into what you offer to others, or what you do for yourself. This means that if you are a counsellor you use EFT for the clients that a counsellor would see and you integrate it with the methods and tools you already have in your counsellor's tool box. If you are a massage therapist similarly you use EFT with your existing client base. If you are not yet a qualified therapist then you can learn to use EFT with your friends and family and for yourself as you gain experience towards setting up a practice.  

Jessica Mor says about EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss: "When I learnt to drive my driving instructor had such a calm, clear way of teaching and such a firm belief in what he was teaching that you couldn't fail to feel confident even on your first drive out.  Twenty years later I can still hear his reassuring voice, issuing gentle reminders.  I've found that it's been like that with you and your teaching Gwyneth; your voice, manner, approach, key phrases that I've heard repeated in the workshops or on the DVD's, are there in my ears like auditory stabilisers as I have been begun my practice! Your voice goes with me, thank you." 

EFT Tapping Training from Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

I offer a practical two day EFT Foundations Training followed at a later date by a two day EFT Practitioner Training and submission of case studies. This is four days training altogether to reach AAMET Practitioner level and covers all the guideline material in great depth.  The "Art of Delivery" Level Three is a further two days to take those who really get smitten by EFT to the creative and expert level.

Many trainers offer a one day level one introduction to EFT or a combined level one and two course.  However, with ten years experience of refining and improving my EFT teaching I have found that what really works in helping people to learn thoroughly and efficiently is a two day Foundations workshop with a gap before two day Practitioner workshop. 

Those who come to me have an appetite for something more substantial and with more hands-on exercises than a one day introduction.   And those who want to use EFT for themselves want plenty of tapping time during the training to work on clearing personal issues.  I also find that during two day trainings something wonderful happens overnight and people return to the workshop room on the second day having integrated their learning and I see them do great work in the exercises. They then leave full of confidence to use EFT with their clients, friends and colleagues.  

EFT training needs to be experiential with the luxury of generous time for practical exercises and plenty of opportunity for group feedback, discussions and questions as they arise from the experiences of the exercises.  Plus my Level One and Two workshops are "Repeat for Free" and if there is availability, you can come back to each course time to learn more.  

EFT Tapping Level 1 Plus Foundations Training Course

EFT Level 1 gets you going with the foundational principles and practice of EFT and all of us start here whether we are therapists wanting to incorporate EFT into an existing practice or simply curious individuals seeking to learn EFT to help ourselves and our friends and family.

The EFT Foundations workshop with Gwyneth Moss is Level One Plus and covers all of the Level One material you would get with other trainers plus much more in greater depth and with more hands on practical experience.  This weekend course includes four one-to-one exercises, two group exercises, two live demonstrations and plenty of time for questions.  This training has received excellent feedback.

AAMET EFT Level One covers:

  • What is EFT tapping and how has it come about.
  • How to use the tapping sequence and take shortcuts.
  • Aspects of our emotional problems and the importance of being specific.
  • How to handle excessive emotional intensity.
  • The Movie Technique for clearing the emotion of difficult memories.
  • Using EFT to help with aches and physical pains.
  • Using EFT to get free of chocolate cravings.
  • What to do when it doesn't work.                             

Take a look at Gwyneth's Level One Training Manual These materials are copyright and are made available for private use.  Trainers do not have permission to copy these materials for teaching use.

After a Level One training you will have learned how to use EFT to help yourself or others with simple emotional problems, bad memories, phobias, aches and pains and chocolate or cigarette cravings.  The EFT Level 1 Plus training from Gwyneth Moss covers more than these basics and in greater depth (the course includes a review of the latest physiological understanding or trauma) with more practical work than one day workshops.  EFT Training Course Dates and Prices

EFT Tapping Level 2 Practitioner Training Course

By the time trainees come back for the Level Two EFT Practitioner weekend they have had the opportunity to practice and have tested out their learning and so return with inspiring stories to share and lots of questions. This second weekend covers the Level Two material with four more hands-on exercises, group exercises and several live demonstrations. Attendance at an EFT Level 1 workshop is a prerequisite for EFT Level 2.  

EFT Level Two Includes:

  • The Tearless Trauma technique and the Tell the Story technique.
  • The Gentle techniques of Chasing the Pain and Sneaking Up.
  • More Techniques and approaches for Physical problems.
  • Finding Core Issues.
  • Integrating and Testing results.
  • The Palace of Possibilities and freedom from limiting beliefs.
  • Delivering EFT by Telephone.
  • EFT for groups and Borrowing Benefits.

Take a look at Gwyneth's Level Two Training Manual These materials are copyright and are made available for private use.  Trainers do not have permission to copy these materials for teaching use.


Additionally Gwyneth's EFT Practitioner course includes EFT for children, EFT for animals, surrogate tapping and tapping with tapping toys.

On completion of level two you will have learned how to work with others:

  • individually
  • in groups
  • over the phone
  • to apply EFT to more complex emotional and physical problems
  • to clear the emotion of limiting beliefs that keep problems in place.

EFT Training Course Dates and Prices

EFT Tapping Level 3 "The Art of Delivery" Workshop

The EFT Guild Gold Practitioner certificate is awarded after a combination of workshop training and further evaluation by case studies and practice review. I offer a two day workshop "The Art of Delivery" which emphasies the development of creativity and intuition and offers imaginative techniques for approaching challenging cases. The workshop is practical and interactive.

Take a look at Gwyneth's Level Three Training Manual  These materials are copyright and are made available for private use.  Trainers do not have permission to copy these materials for teaching use.


The EFT Guild Practitioner Levels

EFT Training courses get you started and you need lots of practice to reach the level of skill required to offer a service to the public.  The EFT Guild aims to support and encourage you to build competancy and confidence.  Through a process of written, practical and professional evaluation you can gain Practitioner status at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.   Read more about the EFT Guild and visit their website.


EFT Tapping Mentoring

I offer EFT Supervision/Mentoring to any therapists and practitioners who include EFT in their work.  This may be face to face in Ilkley or by phone/skype and may be on an occasional or regular basis.  I also run group Mentoring Circles days in Ilkley and occasionally in other locations. Alternatively you may like to consider my residential EFT retreats.  For my approach to supervision and support please read my article Support for Therapists on the Articles page.   Please email me for more details.

"Before beginning supervision with Gwyneth, I could truly help many clients, fairly help others, and some I couldn't help at all. I pretty much took this as a given to which I had to resign myself. But from the first supervision session, my ability to really succeed with EFT simply escalated with each of my clients.  Each supervision session takes me to more profound understandings of how transformational this technique can be - way beyond the classic list of fears and phobias.  No matter how far we have trained, we cannot continue to grow as therapists without support. I feel blessed in my interaction with Gwyneth which completely transforms my client sessions, moving me closer and closer to mastery"  Shelley Malka PhD

EFT Training Course Dates and Prices


The EFT Masters

The EFT Masters programme was announced in Dallas in February 2005 and Gary Craig appointed Ann Adams LCSW to be the director and examiner.   Worldwide 29 people passed this top level exam.  Gary Craig suspended the Master's program in October 2007.  I can only say that the assessment process was extremely comprehensive and thorough and a rigorous test of EFT knowledge and ability.  I took the practical exam in 2005 and became an EFT Master in January 2006.  All the Masters that I have met are people of superb skill, clear integrity and warm heart. I feel honoured to be one of such a group. Explore the websites of the EFT Masters worldwide.

The EFT Masters with Carol Look, Ann Adams, Karl Dawson, Ann Ross, Gwyneth Moss, Tam Llewellyn, Mair Llewellyn

Carol Look, Ann Adams and Dr Inci Erkin with the UK EFT Masters and Christina Elvin at the 2006 EFT Masterclass in London.


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Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and EFT Trainer
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Gwyneth Moss EFT Master presents Emotional Freedom Techniques at EFT Events
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Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer teaching EFT Practitioner Level 2 course
Gary Craig founder of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer

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