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The Tapping News - November 2009

On a cold, dark, wet November evening here are some photos from Parcevall Hall EFT retreats last summer to bring you some light and beauty.  For 2010 Parcevall have given us three dates for retreats of 6-8 June, 1-3 August and 26-28 September.

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- and using drawing with tapping techniques.


Happy Tapping, Gwyneth

Tapping News ...

Are you running or attending a Tapping Group?  Would you like to start one? If so, Tapping Groups as well as workshops are nopw listed on the EFT Events Calendar.  Just send me your regular meeting day and contact person's details and I will add your group to the list.  Tapping Grops are a great way to meet and share with other tappers, get advice and do some group tapping.

Would you like me to run another Mentoring Circle Day?  Would you prefer a weekday or weekend?  I'm just asking because last time I set a date only one of you booked - maybe I didn't publicise it enough.  You can of course make your own Mentoring arrangements and collect your mentoring hours through tapping groups or tapping buddy pairs.    These circles are about supporting you, sharing our success and using tapping to shift stuckness.

Horses, Tapping and Stories

Heather Smiles and the delightful Zac are teaching me to ride.  So far Zac and I have been going round and round in circles at slow speeds whilst Heather fires questions at me like are my sit bones pointing forwards or back and other very visual metaphors to get me sitting and moving the best way to communicate with the long suffering Zac.  My favourite Heather question is: "are your boobs on full beam or dipped?"  Here is a recent article to give you more of her tapping horse sense: Horse Tapping Stories. At the Gathering she'll be talking about how the stories that we tell ourselves and the pictures we put in our heads guide our lives and our relationships - she'll illustrate with horses of course.  Heather is now doing phone work and remote tapping for horses and other animals with unhelpful behaviours, she'll work with you over the phone for your animal and take you through the protocol we teach together in the Tapping for Animals day.  Contact Heather through www.eft4horseandrider.co.uk  

Pictures In Your Head

Are you making unhelpful pictures in your head about future events?  Pictures of loss, disaster, failure?  Do you find that the pictures of success and pleasant outcomes don't seem to stick?  Here is an idea for using tapping to change your pictures.  First choose one picture.  Focus on it, get it as clear as you can,  notice the details, the faces, the colours, are there sounds, voices?.  Are you in the picture or seeing the picture as if you were there?   Now start to tap and talk to the you in the picture...  for example  "even though I see you sitting in the busy restaurant alone staring at the floor with an empty glass and you keep looking at your watch and he hasn't turned up, I accept you and love you anyway"  Keep tapping with the details of the picture, then blank your screen and let a new picture emerge.  Notice what is different, keep tapping until you have  a resourceful picture then stick that in your mental album.  Do let me know how you get on with this.

Drawing and Tapping Talk

At the recent EFT Innovations workshop, Di Holliday found what a wonderful tapping tool a flip chart and coloured marker pens can be.  She drew a picture of a happy smiling couple and then a smaller sad looking person standing at the side on her own, she put tapping points on the faces in a different colour.  Then standing at the flip chart I helped her to talk and tap and have a dialogue with the three figures.  Initially Di's perception was that the single person (herself) was left out and ignored by the couple.  But as she tapped on the drawings and spoke to each figure that changed to realising that the single person had a full life and freedom. 

Joanna George emailed to say:  "I had very good success tapping on drawings after the Innovations workshop. A lady had real concerns and a lot of stress over the state of her house (leaking roof, wet floors, etc) and this was causing her migraine headaches. She drew the house and we tapped on all the things that were causing her concern. The drawing was an excellent way of highlighting the areas that were causing her stress. She came quickly to the conclusion that she no longer wanted to move out, that she loved the house and it would get repaired, and her migraine disappeared within a few minutes"

If you don't have your own flip chart stand then an excellent alternative is wallpaper, either lining paper or the cheapest roll of untextured paper.  Roll it out like a scroll face down on the table and get some big, thick, coloured marker pens.  Draw the problem or a metaphor of the problem then tap on it, or on your self, as you talk about the drawing or have a dialogue, talk to, the drawing.  You can write your before and after comments on too then unroll more and repeat...

Di Holliday will be running a half day workshop on EFT for Relationships and Families on Friday 29th January before the Gathering.  The next EFT Innovations workshop is 24/25 April.

EFT and Beyond: John Bullough writes

Thanks everyone for such wonderful feedback on the book. We’ve sold 1,300 copies already, with orders from as far afield as Australia, Norway and Denmark, and even interest in translating it into Danish! Gwyneth has asked me to write a series of articles to expand on the material in the book, and I plan to issue the first one for you shortly. In the meantime, I thought I’d let you know that if you order direct from me by sterling cheque (or BACS transfer) I can now match the Amazon price of £27.50 (inc P&P) and offer you the downloadable freebies described in detail on the book’s own website, including audio recordings, interviews and e-books from Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, Mary Stafford, Linda Wood, Gillian Wightman, Carol Tuttle, Brad Yates and many others. You can't get those from Amazon.  To order, contact John Bullough direct

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EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

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