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The Tapping News - May 2009

The April Retreat at Parcevall Hall was blissful with lots of spring blossom and transformational tapping.  There are just two places left now on each of the June and August retreats.  In this Tapping News there are photos of Parcevall and Spain and:

- Tapper's Tie the Knot

- Rescuing the Rescue Horse

- Science, Love & EFT with Dawson Church

- Tapping Tale from Kate Lloyd

- EFT Further Learning for Practitioners

Please do send me your Tapping Tales, Tapping Tips, news and articles.  I always love to hear from you.

Happy Tapping, Gwyneth

Holiday Thoughts...

The photo is of the stunningly beautiful Alpujarra in the foothills of the Spanish Sierra Nevada where I spent a fantastic week walking at Easter.  My friends Fiona and Paul have lived there for 20 years and know the history, people, plants and customs.  They run small group walking holidays with vegetarian home cooking and a holistic outlook see www.Bootlace.com   Highly recommended.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rue Hass and am absolutely delighted that Rue has now invited me to Colorado to teach The EFT Expert workshop at Sunrise Ranch a working cattle ranch and spiritual community in the foothills of the Rocky mountains.  So if you fancy a tapping summer holiday see EFT in Colorado (or you can come to Ilkley for The EFT Expert in July)

And remember to fly Yorkshire Airlines (Yorkshire folk prepare to split your sides laughing if you click on this link)

Tappers Tie the Knot

Cath Stokes became Mrs Eckley on 1st May when she and Andy married on the shores of Lake Windermere.  Those of you who were at Craiglands in January will remember that Andy proposed and Cath accepted at our EFT Gathering.

Andy's family were amazed and surprised when the man they knew to be terrified of public speaking stood cool and calm in front of all the guests to deliver a wonderful speech in which he shared how he and Cath met and how it was love at first site for both of them. 

As you can see they both looked stunning and though it poured with rain throughout the ceremony the skies cleared for our boat trip on the lake (as Cath said they would).  I was honoured to  be the wedding photographer - I did keep telling them that I'm not really a photographer just a woman who loves looking through her camera.

Animal Tapping Tales

Tapping for animals still astounds me and here are three extraordinary cases.  Heather Smiles found herself in the back of a trailer on the motorway with a very frightened and jittery young rescue horse Spence (left). She tapped all the way home to the yard. Her tapping tale is on the EFT for Animals page see: Rescuing the Rescue Horse. 

Susan Myers tapped initially for her cat Molly's fear of the vacuum cleaner in our EFT Practitioner workshop with immediate success and then found tapping to be a miracle help (according to the vet) when Molly came to the end of her nine lives.  Read Tapping for Molly 

Jane Bennett thought that her 20 year old cat Hamish had reached that point too.  Her tale is deeply moving, and had totally unexpected results The Resurrection of Hamish

Science, Love and EFT

If you are thinking of coming to Science, Love and EFT with Dawson Church to find out how EFT effects your genes, 30/31 May in Ilkley then its time to book!  Dawson is a is brilliant and engaging communicator who makes modern biological science understandable, one of you said: "he made me feel intelligent!" and Bruce Lipton author of The Biology of Belief says:  “Recent advances in the science of epigenetics and quantum physics herald a global evolution that will profoundly impact the life of every person on this planet. In The Genie in Your Genes, Dawson Church expertly distills the Ivory Tower complexities of this life-changing science into a simple and elegant presentation for the layperson. Realize sovereignty over your health and happiness”

Maybe when this little fellow grows up such learning will be an accepted part of our health system.

EFT Trainer Training

Given that I have taught a two day level one course for the last five years when the requirement is one day you would probably expect me to be thorough when it comes to trainer training.  I stopped training trainers for a while because I was not happy with the AAMET requirements. 

Well now I have come up with my new trainer training process after a discussion with Karen Eastham who took me through the NLP trainer training process she recently completed and gave me some good ideas.  My new requirements for training trainers are now on the website and its a three day trainers workshop rather than the one day that is the minimum requirement.  If you are interested in becoming an EFT trainer with me then take a look at the trainers webpage


The Alpujarra, Spain

Tapping Tales from Kate Lloyd

I've been tapping on a group yoga holiday in the Canaries. A lady came up to a few of us one day and started to say something in Dutch. We looked puzzled. Her face crumpled, she got very upset. I could tell she had triggered some old memory. Would she like to try something which might help? We tapped for half an hour. It was about when she was very small and had said the wrong thing to her father. We cleared it up easily and she was a different person.

On the bus back across the island I sat next a woman who had taken valium on the way over because she got extremely agitated by windy roads (this road went all the way up the mountains and down again). She hadn’t got any more valium but fate had sat her next to me! I asked if she’d like to try something and we tapped for a while on various aspects until gradually she lost interest and fell asleep. EFT is sometimes so beautifully subtle.

EFT Further Learning for Practitioners

To maintain your Practitioner status (both Level 2 and Level 3) you need to do 30 hours Further Learning and 12 hours group or 6 hours one-to-one Mentoring each year.  Its now you who decides what counts towards your Further Learning (aka CPD) hours not me or the AAMET or anyone else.  You can count towards those 30 hours whatever enhances your ability as an EFT Practitioner.  So you can count reading newsletters, watching dvds, writing articles, reading books, presenting EFT to others, and yes attending or repeating workshops, even workshops in related fields.  And you don't have to report your hours either, just keep a record in case you are one of the 10% who gets a call.  The beauty of the new AAMET system is that it puts the responsibility on YOU.  And there are many options for fulfilling your hours which don't cost you a penny. 


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Referrals.  The online registration system asks "How did you find out?"  When someone gives your name you will get either £10 off your next course or a free dvd when they pay in full.  So when you spread the word please remind people to give your name so that you get the credit.

Bursary Places.  There are one or two bursary places available on each workshop for those who work for a charity, have the permission of the charity to use EFT in their work and are not also running a private practice. 

Repeat for Free.   If you have trained with me and places are available on Level 1,2 and 3 workshops you can repeat a workshop you have previously attended for no additional cost.  And this counts towards your CPD

Repeat with Gwyneth.  If you have already done AAMET Level 1, 2 or 3 with another EFT trainer and would like to repeat your training with me then you are eligible for a 50% discount on the full price of these workshops.  Again this counts towards your CPD hours.


EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and EFT Trainer
Duck in Skipton photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Master presents Emotional Freedom Techniques at EFT Events
Water Lilly photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer teaching EFT Practitioner Level 2 course
Gary Craig founder of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer

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