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The Tapping News - June 2009

Gorgeous rhododendrons and sunshine for the Science, Love & EFT weekend so tappers took to the Craiglands gardens for some stand up tapping. In this Tapping News:

- Presenting to the British Psychological Association

- The 2009 Masterclass is in Manchester

- Science, Love & EFT Feedback

- More Animal Magic

- Tapping Tale from Julie Perry

Please do send me your Tapping Tales, Tapping Tips, news and articles.  I always love to hear from you.

Happy Tapping, Gwyneth

Tapping News ...

- They grow up so fast!  The lambs are small sheep now.  Take a look at April's newsletter to remember how tiny they were.

- On my return from Edinburgh I stayed with tapping friends the Mullarkeys, some of you met them at Science,Love&EFT. Here is how to make Frances's absolutely fabulously delicious Lentil Bake

- There is space on the Level 2 EFT Practitioner weekend 27/28th June at Craiglands for repeaters and the next one is not till September.  If you would like to do this brilliant weekend with me, Linda Wood and the tapping bears then let me know

- And only two places left for Parcevall Hall retreats in June and August

Presenting EFT to the British Psychological Association

It was a delight to present Tapping, Trauma and the Brain to the holistic section of the British Psychological Association in Edinburgh.  Gillian Wightman, Rosanna Veitch and Lyn Mackenzie joined me to present EFT cases from their practices and Helen Card spoke from her personal experience of how EFT had detraumatised the effects of an horrific car smash on the M1.  I then did an EFT demo with one of the psychologists which was about the stress of caring for an elderly mother.  After that a psychiatrist stood up and said "At last I understand how EFT fits in, what I had seen previously was mechanistic and procedural, this brought EFT to life for me". Everyone was very appreciative and a group stayed on into the lunch break to ask us questions. 

Download the slides Tapping, Trauma and the Brain

2009 EFT Masterclass is in Manchester

The 2009 Masterclass is being promoted and magaged by Tania Prince and is at the Hallmark Hotel conveniently close to Manchester Airport.   Tania has put together a fabulous programme which includes Tapas Flemming originator of TAT.  Seewww.EFTMasterclass2009.com for everything you need to know.  Plus special offers and prize draws if you sign up before 31st August.

Science, Love and EFT

Sarah Naylor says: "The deep and subtle shifts and benefits I recieved from this amazing weekend are still making themselves felt. Dawson Church delivered eloquent and inspiring scientific evidence to support the benefits of techniques like EFT, meditation and positive thinking, laying the occasional inner sceptical voice to rest, in the face of the proof of their ability to improve physical and emotional health. Dawson truly walks his talk and the impact of being with someone so genuinely loving and heart-centred is indescribable. The atmosphere in the group was one of huge mutual encouragement and support. The Craiglands was a wonderful location with its delicious food and gorgeous garden, and the whole event was expertly facilitated and aided by Gwyneth. All in all the experience added up to one greater than the sum of its parts - fantastic." 

And thanks to inspiration and information from Dawson we now have the beginnings of a UK EFT Research group formed at the research meeting.  More news on that soon.

More Animal Magic

Here is Princess the cat who would not let Amy her owner pick her up and hold her.  That is: would not before Amy came on the first of our EFT for Animals days.  Amy says: "Something I thought would never happen! Princess lets me pick her up! Here's photographic evidence for this! She seems to have chilled out so much since last week and has spent the last three days following me round the house and has also slept every night on my bed only leaving when I throw her off!  Shes a changed cat and i love her! x x "

Tapping Tale and Thoughts from Julie Perry

I had such a great tapping experience with a client who has Parkinson's and thought you might like it for your Tapping News. Well to be honest my tapping group urged me to send it and we had to explore why I was so reluctant.  We ended up tapping for me first on 'even though my mum said I shouldn't show off its ok to tell people when I do things well'  'even though I can't be bothered to write things up I choose to write this time because its important and its ok to feel pleased', So I have written it up and here it is!  EFT and Parkinsons

Also I wanted to say how much I liked your article in a recent Gary Craig newsletter about being a succesful EFTer. I really agreed with what you wrote and feel it how I approach all my counselling: read, research, practice, learn from clients, reflect and practice more oh and have fun too. That is why EFT fits in so well with counselling, it enhances the work no end.  The Article

EFT Further Learning for Practitioners

To maintain your Practitioner status (both Level 2 and Level 3) you need to do 30 hours Further Learning and 12 hours group or 6 hours one-to-one Mentoring each year.  Its now you who decides what counts towards your Further Learning (aka CPD) hours not me or the AAMET or anyone else.  You can count towards those 30 hours whatever enhances your ability as an EFT Practitioner.  So you can count reading newsletters, watching dvds, writing articles, reading books, presenting EFT to others, and yes attending or repeating workshops, even workshops in related fields.  And you don't have to report your hours either, just keep a record in case you are one of the 10% who gets a call.  The beauty of the new AAMET system is that it puts the responsibility on YOU.  And there are many options for fulfilling your hours which don't cost you a penny. 


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Repeat with Gwyneth.  If you have already done AAMET Level 1, 2 or 3 with another EFT trainer and would like to repeat your training with me then you are eligible for a 50% discount on the full price of these workshops.  Again this counts towards your CPD hours.

EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

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