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The Tapping News - February 2009

We ended January with 120 enthusiastic tappers at Craiglands for The EFT Gathering and woke up the morning after to a white Wharfedale. 

Scroll down for:

- The EFT Gathering report

- Magic Buttons goes to Norway

- Science, Love and EFT

- Tapping Groups joint meeting


Please do send me your Tapping Tales ,news and articles.

I always love to hear from you.

Happy Tapping, Gwyneth

The EFT Gathering

The Gathering was a lot of fun and a great success!  There was a wonderful community atmosphere as 120 people talked and tapped, shared ideas, enjoyed great food and salsa'd on Saturday night.  The presentations were all excellent and there was much to learn.  Linda Wood was up first and everyone learned something about running weight loss groups. Gillian Wightman's session on both her experiences helping others and her own journey with mental health issues was courageous and inspiring.  Diane Holliday showed us how she uses role-play tapping with couples.  Ranjana Appoo has written an excellent report on whole the Gathering which you can read here.  Even if you were not able to be there you can still learn from the presenters by downloading their useful handouts from the website see click here.   Organising this was a lot of work for me and so worthwhile! But some of you are owed my apologies for delays in reviewing case studies or replying to e-mails.

Magic Buttons in Norway

Hello everyone, this is Magic Buttons here,  you may have met me on Gwyneth’s Level 2 Trainings.  Recently I travelled to Norway along with my tapping Mummy, Linda Wood, for three days teaching the many ways I can help you in your EFT therapy work - I help just as much with adults as I do with kids.   The people of Norway touched our hearts and we touched theirs and they all tapped on my magical heart buttons...



Read more about Linda, Karin and Magic in Norway...

Science, Love and EFT

Have you ever found yourself at a loss trying to explain EFT to your doctor or someone with a science background?  Well here at last is the answer to "how it works".  (I can only teach "how to do it")

During my new year's travels in California I went to visit Dawson Church PhD the author of The Genie in Your Genes and persuaded him to come over and teach us all about the modern science behind EFT.  Dawson's says "psychology is physiology" and his book is a fascinating and well explained journey through epigenetics, endocrinology, electromagnetic effects and neurology.   Dawson's is by all accounts an inspiring presenter and he will demystify the science for you and then apply that learning to our loving relationships. 

Take a look at the webpage for free downloads and audio and video clips.  The workshop is 30/31 May at Craiglands

Joint Meeting: Keighley, Shipley and York Tapping Groups

Julie had read about ‘tapping circles’ by Sonya Sophia Illig in one of Gary’s newsletters (use the search box on emofree.com to find her article) and so we adapted her ideas.  There were 13 of us at the joint meeting and we started in a circle for general introductions. Then asked everyone in the group to:

1)Write a name or description of a problem they would like some EFT help with.

2) Jot down answers to a number of questions to help elicit deeper emotions around the issue e.g.’ what are your disempowering thoughts or negative self talk?” ‘what does it remind you of?’ 

3) Scale the emotional charge of the issue.

Take turns to summarise their issue briefly or to pass if they prefer to keep it to themselves.

We then had a lunch break where three of us went through the cards highlighting common issues and themes that could be tapped on. We identified 11 different emotions e.g helplessness, anger, confusion….  We then had a group tapping session which was first led by one of us and then led by different group members who chose to do so. We tapped on all the key emotions that had been highlighted.  Everyone was asked to scale the intensity of their issue again.

We then had a break followed by small groups, tapping in twos or threes on any unresolved issue or physical symptom that were still around. Finally we asked for feedback.  Everyone enjoyed the meeting and the circle we will do it again soon.

Mentoring and Retreats

Mentoring is now any one to one or group meeting led by a practitioner or trainer in which you can discuss your EFT work with clients, your personal development and the growth of your EFT practice, seek advice and gain support.  You are asked to have 6 hours one to one or 12 hours group per year.   Read my emofree article on Mentoring

Tapping Groups and Tapping Buddy pairs, Mentoring Circles and Retreats count towards your mentoring hours.

I will continue to run Mentoring Circles and each of those counts 6 group hours and my Parcevall Hall Retreats count 8 hours. The next Circle is 27th March and on that day you will get two EFT Masters as Rue Hass will join me before her Spiritual Freedom Techniques workshop (only six places left for SFT).    There are Parcevall Hall Retreats in April, June and August.  Come and experience the peace and the gardens.


New Tapping Groups

Tapping groups are proving to be a great success for sharing, supporting and practicing EFT and here is a list of all that I know of so far. Tapping Groups.doc  There is also a list maintained by Masha Bennett on the Healthy Pages website

Remember Tapping Group attendance now counts towards AAMET Practitioner Mentoring hours.  One hour a month with a Tapping Group would be your whole year of Mentoring hours.  Or six months of 2 hours a month.  Or one Mentoring Circle with me and one hour a month with a Tapping Group.  Its up to you....

Faye Carol writes: just wanted to let you know that our tapping group in Manchester has taken off and we are having lots of fun. We meet every fortnight, usually 6 to 8 people with more people asking to come along all the time. I plan to seek out a bigger venue soon as I think we will outgrow my living room. Call Faye on 0161 653 4962.

Jenny Lockwood would like to set up a new Tapping Group in Doncaster and you can contact her on e-mail

Rangana Choudhuri would like to set up a London group, contact Rangana by e-mail

Pat Watson contact for the Peterborough/Wisbech/Spalding area. email or by phone on 01945 440784

Esther Patrick would like to start a group in the Burton/Derby/Tamworth area of Derbyshire, e-mail

Yahoo Group:  I'm wondering if one of you would like to start a Yahoo Group e-mail group for tappers who trained with me? That could be a regular online forum for sharing your ideas and experiences.  Please contact me if you would be interested and especially if you would like to volunteer to be the moderator.

And if there is no group in your area: how about starting one?  I will send out the news on this page for you.

Repeaters please email me for availability.


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Bursary Places.  There are one or two bursary places available on each workshop for those who work for a charity, have the permission of the charity to use EFT in their work and are not also running a private practice. 

Repeat for Free.   If you have trained with me and places are available on Level 1,2 and 3 workshops you can repeat a workshop you have previously attended for no additional cost.  And this counts towards your CPD

Repeat with Gwyneth.  If you have already done AAMET Level 1, 2 or 3 with another EFT trainer and would like to repeat your training with me then you are eligible for a 50% discount on the full price of these workshops.  Again this counts towards your CPD hours.

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