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The Tapping News - August 2009

This month the Tapping News comes to you from the sunshine of Colorado where I have been teaching with my friend EFT Master Rue Hass at Sunrise Ranch, click on the link for more photos and feedback.  And scroll down for photos of my wanderings in the Colorado mountains. 

- EFT and Beyond, New book is launched

- Surrogate Tapping Article by Shelley Malka

- Photos from Colorado

If you'd like to send me an article or tapping tip I'd be delighted to include it in the next newsletter with a link to your website.  I always love to hear from you.

Happy Tapping, Gwyneth

Tapping News ...

I taught my new workshop Emotional Health Techniques at Sunrise Ranch and one of you reading this was there, well done Liz Jupp who writes:

"We are at the tapping edge. Rue and Gwyneth have been working their magic mixing presentations, tapping together, exercises and demonstrations.  It has been such a privilege to have been at the cutting edge, though this is more light (I meant to write 'more like') using a butter knife, a knife made of butter to cut through ice.  With EFT it can!  It is so gentle. Here I sit in the generous expansive welcome that is Sunrise Racnh, finally bidding farewell, until we meet again, to 30 new friends from the USA and Canada, with the desire to continue this journey, to create my meridian tapping group dynamic practice and to live with more presence accompanied and knowing thatI am called to be here, to be exactly who I am."

This workshop brought together all the tapping innovations that I have been learning and developing recently: new ideas that take tapping to new heights.  I'll be repeating this workshop in Ilkley (it was previously called the EFT Expert workshop) 25/26th October its open to all and particularly for Level 3s hungry for more.

And also back in Yorkshire: Meridian Energy with Stephen Hunter 5/6th September is an exploration of the fundementals of traditional chinese medicine for EFT Practitioners - enrich your EFT practice by learning about meridians, the flow of chi and the five elements, plus how to incorporate flower essences.   I've learned so much from Stephen  I am delighted to be teaching together with him.  There's a Mentoring Circle 4th September, an EFT for Animals day on 18th September and a weekend Parcevall Hall EFT retreat 2-4th October. 

The EFT Masterclass 2009 is in Manchester with the UK EFT Masters, Tapas Flemming and new presenters.

Tapping for Kids from Shelley Malka

This article is a moving insight into three generations of a family through a telephone EFT session.  Shelley came all the way from Israel for my recent Emotional Health Techniques workshop and the EFT for Animals day.  In working surrogately for animals I have developed a three stage process:  Talk About, Talk To, Talk As.  Shelley delightfully illustrates using this process with a Grandma to tap around the issues of her granddaughter who is hitting and screaming.   Shelley says:  "The way I understand it, surrogate tapping is less about somehow magically helping the child (although that might happen too), and more about EFT helping us discover what's going on in the child's primary relationships that either causes or exacerbates the child's problem. Surrogate tapping may work also because the surrogate herself shifts, which allows the child to shift, too."  Read Shelley's article:  Tapping For Kids and Contact Shelley.

EFT and Beyond

Experienced tapper John Bullough with coach Pamela Bruner has produced a superb book: EFT and Beyond.  This is a work of considerable breadth and depth, John has persuaded over twenty of EFTs innovators to write chapters about their powerful new developments and creative applications of EFT. John's editing skill weaves the separate strands into a cohesive whole of over five hundred pages.

Carol Look, Pat Carrington, Rue Hass, Jaqui Crooks, Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, Ann Ross, Karl Dawson and many others, including me, have contributed and there are lots of brilliant ideas for you to improve and enhance your tapping skills.

If you register to purchase now you can receive a free download of sample chapters and free audio interview series.

Colorado Rocky Mountains

These pictures were taken on or near the Continental Divide at about 12,000 ft.  Rain falling to the West runs to the Pacific Ocean and rain falling to the East runs to the Atlantic. The air is clear, the sun is strong and the views stretch for miles and miles of rocky peaks. 

Tapping at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

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EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

EFT workshop at Craiglands

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