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EFT Free Downloads The ABC of EFT,

EFT Imagineering

and EFT articles ebook by Gwyneth Moss




EFT Training  with Gwyneth Moss Yorkshire UK dates

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EFT Foundations

AAMET Level One Plus

5/6 November

14/15 January

25/26 February

10/11 March

EFT Practitioner

AAMET Level Two

12/13 November

21/22 January

17/18 March

The Art of Delivery

AAMET Level Three

19/20 November

3/4 March

Parcevall Hall
EFT Retreats

27-29 November

9-11 May

13-15 June

19-21 September

EFT for Animals

Surrogate Tapping

26 November

Mentoring Circles

9 November

2 March


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Gary Craig's website www.emofree.com is the international archive of the lifeblood and evolution of Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Here you can download a free EFT manual and read articles and case studies.

Gary Craig has also made his EFT teachings available on DVDs for home study and self help therapy.  These DVDs are a superb resource for both self help beginners and experienced therapists. They contain many live therapy sessions, explanation and teachings.

A group of the EFT Masters

The EFT Masters are practitioners and trainers of Emotional Freedom Techniques who have passed a rigorous practical and written assessment.  There are now 29 EFT Masters worldwide in the Americas, Europe and Australasia, each has their own approach, background and specialisation, however each puts EFT at the core of their practice and is both a pioneer and an ambassador for EFT.  Here is a link to a page of the EFT Masters websites for you to explore and www.EFTMastersWorldwide.com where you can find many engrosing articles, downloads and news of EFT workshops.


EFT Trainer Linda Wood often assists me on EFT Workshops and she brings along her handmade Mr Magic Buttons Bears.  Amazingly enough, and its probably something to do with mirror neurons, we can get results with EFT when tapping on a bear as if we were tapping on ourselves.  In therapeutic use major emotional issues, which if confronted head-on would be overwhelming, are handled with humour and an easy respect as therapist, client and Bear work cooperatively together.  Each Magic Buttons bear is unique and I have enjoyed watching at our workshops how each person makes their individual choice and forms their own relationship with their Bear. www.tappingtoheal.com




Human Givens therapy is practical, realistic and effective: based on the understanding that we all have the innate resourcefulness to get our emotional needs met and that effective therapy is helped by using learnings from both neuroscience and ancient wisdom.  Human Givens therapy follows the teaching and practice of Milton H Erickson. 

The Human Givens Institute.

AAMET logo

The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) is the no-fee, open-membership, professional association that exists to support practitioners of EFT and other Meridian Energy Techniques such as TAT and BSFF.  Founded by EFT Masters Tam and Mary Llewellyn the EFT is a community and source of information. 

To search the Practitioner listings or to join the AAMET go to www.AAMET.org


Uncommon knowledge

Sensible Psychology is the hallmark of Uncommon Knowledge who offer effective self help and training. Their site is a rich mine of good stuff so click on the image above for free articles and helpful book reviews.


Provocative Energy Therapy


Dr. David Lake and psychologist Steve Wells are highly experienced and highly entertaining EFT therapists from Australia. Recently they have combined Provocative Therapy with Emotional Freedom Techniques to produce PET or Provocative Energy Techniques, delivered with great humour to great effect.

Click here for some interesting articles from EFT Downunder

Bessel Van Der Kolk


Bessel Van der Kolk is an innovative and forward thinking psychiatrist who has researched modern and effective treatments to trauma such as EMDR, TFT and Yoga.

Click here to download some of his academic articles.

Jane Firbank Secrets of Change



Jane Firbank's website Secrets of Change is a treasure trove of helpful letters, advice and articles.  Jane says: "

I'm a psychotherapist and writer, offering you over a hundred problem letter replies ... to real people wth real problems. And scores of articles laying bare techniques, tools and information to help you move forward with fresh motivation and appetite for life.   Secrets of Change utilises the latest research to understand how people get stuck ... and how they can break free and succeed in achieving positive change. With absolutely no psychobabble!


Helpguide team


I met Jeanne and Robert Segal at Esalen a few years ago. Their website, Helpguide seeks to empower people by guiding them to helpful information relevent to mental and emotional health and healthy aging.

This site is a rich mine of sensible articles that are easy to read and immediately practical.

View of the Yorkshire Dales

Many of those who attend EFT workshops at Ilkley Healing Centre like to visit the glorious countryside of the Yorkshire Dales for beautiful scenery, hill walking, historic villages and convivial pubs.


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Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and EFT Trainer
Duck in Skipton photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Master presents Emotional Freedom Techniques at EFT Events
Water Lilly photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer teaching EFT Practitioner Level 2 course
Gary Craig founder of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer

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