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EFT Foundations

AAMET Level One Plus

10/11 November

12/13 January

2/3 March

6/7 April

EFT Practitioner

AAMET Level Two

27/28 October

17/18 November

19/20 January

9/10 March

The Art of Delivery

AAMET Level Three

24/25 November

13/14 April

Parcevall Hall
EFT Retreats

20-22 November

24-26 April 2013

11-13 June

22-24 September

EFT for Animals

Surrogate Tapping


Gwyneth Moss is teaching EFT at Esalen Institute February 2013

EFT for Everybody

1-3 February 2013

EFT Training with CE

3-8 February 2013


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EFT Level 1 training group in the Dales room at Craiglands


EFT Level 1 training group


Learning EFT


EFT tapping - the underarm point


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EFT Level 1 training


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EFT training Level 1


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EFT Foundations Workshop (Level One Plus)

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NEW!!!  Gwyneth's internationally acclaimed EFT Foundations training has been profesionally filmed and is now available on dvd as an EFT Training Companion.  You can only purchase these directly from Gwyneth or at her workshops. Contact Gwyneth

EFT Tapping is a people-helper's multi-purpose tool - a simple, easy-to-use and respectful way of helping almost anyone with almost any issue. In these two days of practical training I will teach you how to quickly and simply calm your client's (or your own) anxiety, dispell the emotion of disturbing memories, quell addictive cravings and help release the emotional tension held in physical symptoms.

This is a highly praised practical and in-depth weekend of EFT training designed by an EFT Master and experienced trainer for all therapists and people helpers, indeed for all who are curious about EFT and want to help themselves or others. My aim is to build your skill and confidence with EFT through practical hands on experience so that right from the start you are able get going and incorporate EFT into your practice and your life.

Read the Experiences of an EFT Beginner after this course

You build the foundation by learning the basic skills and then the application to anxiety, traumatic memory, and physical symptoms. After the workshop you have time to practice and to build your skills before returning for the further weekend of EFT training that completes the EFT Level Two standard of eligibility for AAMET Practitioner.

This course is open to all and is particularly for therapists, health workers and all people-helpers who want more depth and skill buliding than a one day introduction can offer.   However if you are not a therapist and don't want to become one please don't be put off.  Some of the people I have trained who are most effective with EFT have no previous training or experience in therapy.

What I love about EFT is that:

EFT is SIMPLE. This is not a "clever dick" technique that requires the mastery of complex language patterns or indirect ways of manipulating others. Anyone from 8 (or younger) to 80 (or older) can learn how to use EFT to help themselves and others.

EFT is RESPECTFUL. You don't have to ask intrusive personal questions or to ask someone to tell you a story they would rather keep private, indeed often I have helped someone with EFT and I still don't know what it was all about. And you don't have to ask them to shut their eyes or to believe in anything.

EFT is EMPOWERING. When you help someone with EFT you also teach them EFT and they take the tool with them to use themselves for whatever issue they choose.

EFT is FLEXIBLE and is suitable for one to one therapy or coaching, as a self help tool , for group work and is also effective for use in telephone sessions. EFT can be used by both children and the elderly and we can even help animals.

We people-helpers all need a means to release our own stress and disturbances. Even if you choose not to introduce EFT to your clients, having the skill to balance your own emotional energy is sure to enhance your effectiveness and well-being.

EFT Training Approach

In this small group EFT training the tool of EFT is taught through live demonstration and hands on practical experience. This is a practical rather than theoretical training. I do not teach "how it works" rather I teach "how to do it".    Modern science has not yet caught up with these phenomena: there are competing explanations and these will be referred to during the course. My aim is not to ask you to believe in anything that I say but to facilitate sufficient practical experiences for you to draw your own conclusions from what you see, hear and experience yourself.

I teach using the ABC method and remain true to Gary Craig's original formulation of EFT and follow his approved content guidelines. The workshops cover a variety of approaches to emotional and physical problems. For those familiar with the Human Givens approach to emotional health, this workshop is taught within the context of the Human Givens organising ideas and models.

To attend this EFT workshop you do not require previous knowledge or experience with EFT and if you are already familiar with EFT you will build on and go beyond what you thought possible. This programme gives participants the skills and know-how to confidently incorporate EFT into their work with others right from the start.

The syllabus follows the teaching of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques and the EFT Foundation workshop covers:

  • Introducing EFT and development of EFT
  • The Basic Recipe and shortcuts.
  • Psychological reversal.
  • Aspects and the importance of being specific.
  • Handling emotional intensity.
  • The Movie Technique.
  • Using EFT for aches and pains.
  • Using EFT for bad memories.
  • Using EFT for chocolate cravings.
  • What to do 'when it doesn't work.

Gary Craigs EFT Workshops on DVD are an excellent home study follow up to consolidate your learnings.   Many people find themselves returning to the filmed sessions over and over again and learning more and more each time.

Small Group Training

To ensure individual attention, places are limited on each workshop and there will be experienced helpers available. These workshops do fill up so to reserve your place click here to register .  If you have questions then please call 01943 600522 or click here to e-mail.

Your Trainer

I am an EFT Master (one of only a dozen in the UK), with five years experience of EFT training and seven years as a therapist. This very practical workshop has run over 30 times with excellent feedback. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can read references from those who have benefited both personally and professionally through learning EFT with me.  I have used EFT to help hundreds of people. My own learning is continually expanding and I have travelled to the USA several times to train with Gary Craig the originator of EFT. I am approved as a trainer and as a trainer's trainer by the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques, the AAMET.

Ilkley Venues

EFT training courses in Ilkley are taught at either Ilkley Healing Centre or Abbeyfield.  Both venues are close to the centre of town and an easy walk from the railway station and places to stay see Directions.  People come from all over the country particularly from Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and the North East and also from Europe.  Leeds Bradford airport is 11 miles from Ilkley and has frequent flights from European cities.

Ilkley is a Victorian spa town of delightful shops and resturants. Frequent trains run from Leeds and Leeds-Bradford International Airport is only a few miles away with flights from most UK regional airports and several European cities.  On the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the beautiful valley of Wharfedale, Ilkley is pleasant place to spend the weekend and there is lots to do for partners and families. In the surrounding area there are golf courses, steam trains, historic buildings and glorious countryside. Ilkley offers both good value B&Bs and smart hotels see Where to Stay and How to Get There.

I look forward to meeting you, please call me or e-mail if you have any questions.

References for Gwyneth's EFT Foundations Workshop

Ilkley, November 2004

"I took part in a two day EFT workshop with Gwyneth, and I have found it to be one of the most enlightening, useful and enjoyable training experiences ever (I should add that I am a learning addict and have attended a vast number of courses and workshops, including those with internationally renown trainers and therapists such as Steve Gilligan, Judy Delozier and David Gordon).

In my opinion, Gwyneth combines her EFT skills and knowledge with those in NLP and hypnotherapy with great elegance and integrity. During the workshop Gwyneth explained and demonstrated EFT processes in a clear, empathic, and enthusiastic way, showing great responsivity to individual needs in the group. Both her passion and compassion shined through at all times, and in combination with her therapeutic and groupwork skills that made a great training event.

I am a Master NLP Practitioner and have experience in a number of other therapeutic approaches. I currently work as a Treatment Manager of a drug rehabilitation programme in a women's prison in Cheshire, UK. Training with Gwyneth has enabled me to introduce EFT to both prisoners and staff in this establishment, and I have been delighted to see the positive and often dramatic changes that this has brought to people's ability to cope in this difficult environment.

Gwyneth has generously given me post-training support by phone and email, and I have found her tremendously helpful, genuine and professional at all times."

Masha Bennett

Sunderland, January 2005

"I have recently experienced my EFT training under the facilitation of Gwyneth Moss, January 2005. The 2 days spent under her support and guidance were not only informative but also highly enjoyable.

Gwyneth conveyed a high level of professionalism, respect for participants, and a sound knowledge base. Her timing and pace were excellent and she kept everyone energised and interested throughout. She provided plenty of time for questions and answers, exploration and consolidation.

Perhaps most impressive was her ability to work so swiftly and with calm assurance with emotional issues as they arose. From a personal perspective, I experienced an intense issue whilst working with another trainee. Gwyneth not only tapped me out of the trauma but I believe her interventions have helped turn my life around. My own background in lengthy psychoanalytical psychotherapy training has been considerably challenged as a result.

Having spend a considerable proportion of my working life in teaching and facilitation of training courses for health care professionals I can vouch for the high level of performance Gwyneth demonstrates."


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