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EFT Free Downloads of EFT Imagineering ebook, The ABC of EFT Handout and Emotional Freedom Techniques Collected EFT articles by Gwyneth Moss EFT Maseter

EFT Free Downloads The ABC of EFT,

EFT Imagineering

and EFT articles ebook by Gwyneth Moss


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EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping effectively forms the bridge between talk therapies and body therapies.
EFT is a simple and powerful therapeutic tool that uses words to tune into an emotional disturbance which is then balanced and cleared using acupressure tapping.  It is often called "tapping" or "the tapping therapy"

The results are suprisingly quick and generally lasting. Strong emotions such as fear, anger, shame and sadness dissolve into clear thinking, enabling a fresh view and the ability to move forwards and get on with life.  EFT is a simple and empowering technique that can be used together with a therapist/coach or by yourself for self help.  Read What People Say about EFT  

To try EFT for yourself go to the ABC of EFT page and to learn how to use EFT to help yourself or others consider an EFT training course.

The ABC of EFT to get you started

The ABC of EFT

If you are new to EFT you may be as sceptical as I was when I first heard about it: tapping on acupressure points on your face and body to clear emotional problems seemed just too weird, too implausible and I almost dismissed it. I am so glad I listened because now, years later, I wouldn't be without EFT both for myself and for those who come to me for help.

My first NLP teacher Wilf Proudfoot said "don't give 'em an explanation, give 'em an experience" and if you are reading these pages having already had an EFT experience then what you read will not seem weird or far-fetched and you'll know that emotions and tensions can dissolve in seconds. If you have not yet experienced EFT for yourself then I hope you'll understand that no words I could say or write can be a substitute for that convincing experience of EFT. 

You don't have to believe in EFT or 'Chi' to tap and achieve change in your emotional state or a reduction in body tension, though it does help that you are not over invested in resisting, disbelieving or debunking this simple and easily learned technique. I am not asking you to believe in anything and I would like you to keep hold of your healthy skepticism and draw your own conclusions from the evidence of your senses.  My experience of using EFT is now with over a thousand people and at least 90% get some sort of result.   Its not a panacea or a magic trick - its a simple and helpful tool. 

I can not tell you how EFT works because I do not know. Modern science has not yet caught up with Chi balance tapping. There are differing schools of thought regarding possible explanations. One school offers the Energy Psychology meridian based explanation derived from the relationship of 'Chi' or 'energy' and emotions and the study of accupuncture and kinesiology. The other school dismisses "energy" as bunkum and offers a neuro-physiological explanation based on the mini-REM state that results from continual firing of the brain's orientation response to the physical stimulus of tapping.

From my experience in practice (and my Cambridge Physics degree) I think that both explanations are valid and that the answer lies in a quantum mechanical (rather than Newtonian) understanding of what it is to be human.  But for now all that is conjecture and I will wait for established science to catch up, so in my EFT Workshops and Trainings I don't teach 'how it works', I teach 'how to do it'.

EFT Examples

So, EFT is a therapeutic tool whereby someone taps on their face and body and repeats a form of words about their problem and the problem is no longer a problem?

Yes that's about it, that's what happens time and time again. Here are some stories:

Peter had such bad lower back pain that he often had to lie on the floor and his weekly visits to an osteopath were helping but not enough. After an hour of EFT with me the pain dissolved and has not returned.

June was terrified to drive on a motorway. She did 15 minutes of EFT with another beginner and two weeks later drove on the motorways from Yorkshire to Devon with confidence.

Susan had escaped a violent marriage but could not escape the memories and was unable to relax with her new partner. Afer two EFT sessions Susan feels like a new woman and describes her relationship as bliss.

John was angry and shouting at his elderly mother whenever she cried; it was an automatic and uncontrollable reaction that made John feel guilty and fearful. After an hour of EFT with me he is now as calm as any other carer of an elderly parent.

Liz was compelled to buy and guzzle chocolate every time she filled up the car. Since learning EFT at an introductory evening with a group she has not even noticed chocolate for 6 months.

Andy was consoling himself with drink to suppress the memories of separation from his daughter. After three sessions of EFT he enjoys an occasional glass of wine and no longer needs to finish the whole bottle.

An experienced Psychotherapist says:

"I have learnt from using EFT that it is an excellent therapeutic tool as it’s possibilities for the healing of emotional and physical problems are endless.  I cannot think of any other such therapy tool that offers such a gift.  As an already practising Psychotherapist, I have learnt that EFT has a big advantage over conventional counselling methods.  If I have a client with deep rooted problems which they find difficult to talk about, or to do so would cause them great distress, using one or more of the EFT techniques such as the Movie Technique or Sneaking Up for example, enables me to get to the root of their problem and dissolve the emotional intensity associated with this problem gently and without invading their privacy or causing any additional pressure or distress. 

The very fact that a person can physically participate in healing their own issues I have found is another advantage. It helps to boost their confidence and self esteem as they feel they are actually ‘doing’ something for themselves.  They are able to take something away from the session to carry on with at home between sessions. Not forgetting also that as I can use EFT on myself to clear up old issues from my own past, it could help me to become a better therapist.  I cannot wait to see more of the magic of EFT as I use it on my clients, family and friends and myself."

This simple tool for emotional self help was developed in the early nineties by Gary Craig, a personal performance coach with a fascination for the human potential, a clear spiritual calling, a background in business and a university education in engineering. Derived initially from Thought Field Therapy, EFT uses a unified approach that does not require diagnosis.

You can go to the what they say page and read the words of those who have come to me for help; much of their change was achieved through EFT and the feedback page to read the comments people who came to EFT training courses.

If you'd like to learn more then you can study at home with the EFT Course on DVD or you can attend my small group training EFT Live Workshops or book a one-to-one appointment on a Thursday in Ilkley (call Ilkley Healing Centre on 01943 602177). 

To experience tapping for yourself go to the ABC of EFT for simple instructions or find a practitioner to help you, see the list on the Emotional Health page


The ABC of EFT

The ABC of EFT


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