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Emotional Health: Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Courses with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master Trainer

EFT Free Downloads of EFT Imagineering ebook, The ABC of EFT Handout and Emotional Freedom Techniques Collected EFT articles by Gwyneth Moss EFT Maseter

EFT Free Downloads The ABC of EFT,

EFT Imagineering

and EFT articles ebook by Gwyneth Moss



EFT Training  with Gwyneth Moss Yorkshire UK dates


EFT Foundations

AAMET Level One Plus

1/2 March

10/11 May

EFT Practitioner

AAMET Level Two

8/9 February

15/16 March

17/18 May

The Art of Delivery

AAMET Level Three

22/23 March

Gwyneth Moss is teaching EFT at Esalen Institute February 2013

EFT Training

16-21 February

Creative EFT

21-23 February


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Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer teaches EFT in Ilkley, Yorkshire

Prices and Dates for EFT Tapping Training

Training with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master receives Fantastic Feedback. Learn with an internationally recognised expert. Read about EFT Training and certification.

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Gwyneth's Calendar
16-21 February
Esalen, Big Sur, CA
21-13 February
Esalen, Big Sur, CA

15/16 March

7 April
5-7 May
10/11 May

17/18 May

7-9 June
14/15 June
various dates



Tea/Coffee from 9.30am and Teaching 10am to 5pm

Directions and Where to Stay

Special Offer 25% discount.  Usually £240, now £180. Includes repeat for free if places available

EFT Tapping is simple, flexible and easy to learn.  This weekend is for all who are curious about EFT and particularly designed to enable therapists and all people-helpers to gain the practical skills to use EFT with confidence and to get results right from the start.  This highly praised workshop offers much more than one day or combined courses.   more about EFT Foundations...

1/2 March 2014 Cow & Calf Inn, Ilkley

10/11 May 2014 Ilkley Healing Centre


Tea/Coffee from 9.30am and

Teaching 10am to 5pm

Directions and Where to Stay

EFT Practitioner Workshop (AAMET Level 2)

£240 includes repeat for free if places available

Take your EFT skills to AAMET Practitioner standard.  Teaching, demonstration and practical exercises lead to a deeper understanding of the EFT process plus EFT by telephone, clearing limiting beliefs, finding core issues, further techniques for trauma, using EFT with groups, with children and for animals.  EFT Level One is a prerequisite for this workshop. There is an additional charge for case assessment and Practitioner certificate more about EFT Practitioner workshop...


Ilkley Healing Centre

8/9 February 2014

or 15/16 March 2014

or 17/18 May 2014

"The Art of Delivery" Workshop (AAMET Level 3)

£240 includes repeat for half price

Develop creativity in using EFT and learn advanced techniques. For those who are hungry to go beyond the basics, these two days form the springboard for creativity and intuition. Practical step-by-step exercises develop language and reframing skills and we learn techniques such as EFT Imagineering and Protective Distancing for challenging cases.  more about EFT Level 3...


22/23 March 2014   Ilkley Healing Centre

Parcevall Hall Mastering EFT Retreat with Gwyneth Moss venue

Parcevall Hall EFT Retreats
£345 includes two nights accommodation and all meals

The EFT Retreat for only seven EFT practitioners and dedicated tappers. Learning and sharing the latest in EFT for personal and professional development at beautiful Parcevall Hall in the Yorkshire Dales.   more about retreats... From 5pm on the first day to 4pm on third. See Inside Parcevall Hall

5-7 May with Gwyneth

7-9 June The Return of the Divine Feminine with Gwyneth and Helen Fatir  read more

Gwyneth Moss is teaching EFT at Esalen Institute February 2013

EFT at Esalen                               

Esalen Institute, the birthplace of the human potential movement opens its doors to EFT.  Practitioner training and an Advanced EFT weekend in glorious Big Sur on the California coast.  Superb food and hot spring mineral baths.  Esalen is a place of pilgrimage.  Join us in this place of beauty for some transformational tapping.  Prices include all meals and use of facilities, range of accommodation and range of prices.  Read more

EFT Practitioner Training: 16-21 February 2014

Advanced & Creative EFT: 21-23 February 2014

EFT Mentoring Circles with Gwyneth Moss, support for experienced EFT Practitioners

EFT Mentoring

Whether you are new to EFT or an experienced specialist you need someone to talk about your work with and a confidential space to further your personal and professional development.  Gwyneth offers mentoring for individuals or groups either face-to-face in Ilkley or by Skype.  See the Skype page and the Mentoring page

Advanced & Creative EFT

Gwyneth Moss teaches and demonstrates her latest innovations in EFT including Drawing Techniques, Projection Tapping, Three Stage Surrogate Tapping, Protective Distancing, Moodlines and EFT Imagineering.  Read more...

Friday workshop at the EFT Gathering in York
24th January 2014  £80 book through www.EFTevents.com

EFT Surrogate Tapping for Animals Days  = £75

EFT can help others at a distance.  Learn a structured three stage approach to tapping for others using surrogate tapping. Open to all these sessions are for you if you want to help animals or to learn how to do remote surrogate tapping.  Read more...


Three sessions by skype, see skype page and animals page

The EFT Masters with Carol Look, Ann Adams, Karl Dawson, Ann Ross, Jaqui Crooks, Tam Llewellyn, Mair Llewellyn, Tania Prince

EFT Events

Since 2007, EFT Events presents advanced and specialist EFT workshops and EFT community gatherings featuring top presenters and fascinating themes. 

The 2011 EFT Masterclass was in the historic city of York with seven EFT Masters:  Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, Judy Byrne, Ann Ross, Tania Prince, Jaqui Crooks and Gwyneth Moss all top international presenters of EFT. The 2012 and 2013 EFT Gathering were also in York

see www.EFTevents.com for more about the EFT Gathering 2014 and get MP3 downloads of previous EFT Gatherings


EFT Practitioner training in Ilkley West Yorkshire


EFT training with Gwyneth Moss in Ilkley, West Yorkshire is at Ilkley Healing Centre 8 Nelson Road, LS29 8HN,

For directions and where to stay see How to Get There and Where to Stay.  There are many B&Bs, Inns and Hotels within walking distance or a short drive away.  The centre is a short walk from Ilkley railway station and close to Leeds Bradford airport.


To reserve your place on any of these workshops go to REGISTRATION complete your contact details, choose your workshop and then you can send a deposit by cheque, bank transfer or use Paypal to confirm your place.  With any questions please email me or call 01943 600522


EFT Helps  EFT DVDs with Gwyneth Moss EFT Master


EFT Helps DVDs

In August of 2007 nine people came to Ilkley Healing Centre for a weekend of intense and extraordinary therapy with EFT.  Professionally filmed by Karin Davidson, the result is these superb DVDs in which Gwyneth demonstrates advanced and innovative EFT techniques with the group.  The cases are:

Rosie: Regret for a Lost Love
Roger: Abused and Angry
Manuela: I Lost my Safe Person

John: The Injustice of Neuralgia
Rosanna: Fear for my Daughter
Gillian: Too Much Tragedy

Sabina: It's Not Safe to See Clearly
Roy: I'm Only Ninety Percent Me
Penny: I can't Keep Hold of Money

And the tenth disc is a free bonus interview

Find out more at www.EFT-Helps.com

The EFT Masters Workshop

Barton on Humber 2005

Gratitude to Gary Craig EFT Founder

Gwyneth Moss says:  My aim as a teacher is to maintain and communicate the integrity of EFT through the core principles and processes as developed by Gary Craig.  Just as a teacher of watercolours should teach foundational concepts such as composition, colour balance, and perspective whatever their own personal style as an artist, so my courses are designed to teach the core concepts of EFT whilst helping students develop their own intuition and creativity.

Each of us finds our own art of delivery with EFT; however for maximum effectiveness simple principles such as being specific, measurement and testing are common to all.

I owe  a tremendous debt of gratitude to Gary Craig for his intelligent teaching, clear vision and generosity.  EFT is something of spirit. Thank you Gary for your gift to the world.

Gary's no-cost online EFT tutorial is excellent.

Go to Official EFT Tutorial

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EFT PractitionerTraining Course with Gwyneth Moss at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

EFT Training class

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and EFT Trainer
Duck in Skipton photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Master presents Emotional Freedom Techniques at EFT Events
Water Lilly photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer teaching EFT Practitioner Level 2 course
Gary Craig founder of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer

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