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EFT Free Downloads of EFT Imagineering ebook, The ABC of EFT Handout and Emotional Freedom Techniques Collected EFT articles by Gwyneth Moss EFT Maseter

EFT Free Downloads The ABC of EFT,

EFT Imagineering

and EFT articles ebook by Gwyneth Moss




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Gwyneth Moss with Gary Craig EFT Founder

Gary Craig and Gwyneth Moss
at the EFT Masters Exam 2005

EFT Articles and Audios, Presentations and Videos

Gwyneth Moss is known for clear and expressive writing and audios that help you understand and learn EFT. There are over 75 free articles, videos, presentations and audios on this page by Gwyneth and her students - download and enjoy!

In the early nineties Gary Craig derived EFT from Thought Field Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. He collected and shared case studies and his website grew into a vast treasure trove.  In 2005 Gary announced the EFT Masters exam to find those whose understanding, skill and dedication to EFT made them worthy of the title Master.  Gwyneth Moss was the fifth person in the UK to pass the exam and is one of only 29 EFT Masters worldwide (the exam was withdrawn in 2007)

Gwyneth on The EFT Hub

The Gentle Techniques Gwyneth talks about the Gentle techniques of Chasing the Pain and Sneaking Up.  Not only do the Gentle techniques use tapping to take the edge off an intense issue they also help us to to get started in an EFT session, build rapport, find the words to use and can clarify what may be a vague or confusing issue.  Skillful use of the Gentle Techniques of EFT leads to skillful use of EFT.

Surrogate Tapping  You may have heard about tapping on yourself for the benefit of others but not known how to do it or where to start.  Gwyneth has developed a simple three stage protocol for surrogate tapping that helps you to find the words and tune into the animal or person you are tapping for.  Find out more on the animals page of this site.

The EFT Hub is a subscription library of EFT audios and videos

From the Exploring Consciousness with EFT conference


Audios and Podcasts to Download

Anxiety Gremlin Audio teleclass with Gwyneth Moss and Rue Hass, read Gwyneth's original article The Anxiety Gremlin and Christina Hurst-Prager's excellent article The Overeating Gremlin

EFT for Trauma Podcast Listen to Gwyneth interviewed by Gene Monterastelli about clearing the effects of traumatic experience. Download the audio or read the transcript

Surrogate Tapping Podcast  Gene Monterastelli interviews Gwyneth about her simple three stage approach to tapping for animals and others.  Download the audio or read the transcript

Moodlines An interview with Gwyneth about her Moodlines technique for addictions and narrated version of the presentation.

Carol Look interviews Gwyneth Moss about creativity and EFT

Marketing EFT Audio Gwyneth is interviewed by Angela Treat Lyon on her experiences getting started Read Transcript

Mind Mirror EEG display

EFT and Brainwaves

George Duisman PSi pioneer recently interviewed Gwyneth about what she learned about brainwaves and EFT from using Mind Mirror EEG real-time neuromonitoring of brainwaves. Exploring Consciousness with EFT demonstrated the calming and balancing effects of EFT. 

Audios: EFT and Brainwaves and Imagineering Extra

Audio:  EFT Radio Interview with Marla Tabaka

Gwyneth and Jondi - Transatlantic Tapping Talk

One Jondi Whitis in New York called Gwyneth.  The two of them started talking and decided to record their conversations and make them freely available for the EFT community.  Here they are for you to enjoy at no cost. You may need to right click on the link and select download.

Conversation One:  Here we talk about what EFT is and what it isn't. We define EFT as "Puppy School for the Inner Dog"  listen to the conversation to understand what that is all about.

Conversation Two:  We talk about what being specific really means and how to be most effective with EFT.

Conversation Three: We get onto Brainwaves and Exploring Consciousness, Surrogate tapping and how we are all conected...

Conversation Four:  Jondi asks about my personal EFT journey and we talk about staying on the bus!

Conversation Five:  Tapping, Test, Rehearse, Reality my rigorous approach to truely effective and useful testing

Conversation Six:  EFT Innovations, my friend Linda Wood joins us and we talk about the creative EFT Innovations workshop.

Conversation Seven:  A full EFT Imagineering demonstration as we use her imagination and tap for Jondi's knees and elbows.

Conversation Eight: Let the Tapping do the Work!  How to work skillfully with EFT and common pitfalls to avoid.

Conversation Nine:  Jondi asks what Gwyneth has learned from live neuromonitoring of EFT.

Tiki the dog featured in EFT for Animals audio podcast

EFT for Animals Free MP3 Download and Radio Interview

Tiki is a big dog and he would bark and cause a scene each time one particular employee arrived to work with his owner Karin Davidson.   Listen to this EFT Animals Audio as Karin and I discuss and demonstrate my Tapping for Animals protocol.  Karin says is: "After the tapping session Tiki now does his usual 'someone's here' bark but he doesn't go crazy anymore.  He growls for just a couple of seconds and then comes and lays by me.  No more howling, no more growling for 10 minutes after my editor goes into the edit room.  Just bark, bark, growl, lay down."    In tapping for animals we tap on ourselves with the intention of tapping for the animal.  Read the articles on the EFT for Animals page or attend a one day workshop to learn three approaches to surrogate tapping.  Listen to Gary Williams Interview Gwyneth on EFT Radio for more about the three stage approach to surrogate work and tapping for animals.  And see the Animals page for EFT Surrogate tapping training workshops with Gwyneth.

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

Gwyneth Moss presenting at the Exploring Consciousness with EFT conference in 2008.

See Previous Events on


Articles by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

First published by Gary Craig on emofree.com and available together as a free ebook when you sign up to the newsletter

The ABC Approach to EFT

Emotion and Perception: EFT Makes it a Two Way Street

Tapping on Trees - A Metaphor for Using EFT

How Do I Get That Good at EFT?  E-Book format

Humour for a Skeptic

How to Handle a 'Vague Feeling'

Two Cats and a Puppy and French translation: Deux Chats

Thoughts on Being Specific and Being General

Weeding The Emotional Garden

Mother Tongue and Public Speaking Fear

Support for Therapists

The Movie Technique (four articles)

Tapping, Test, Rehearsal, Reality

The Can of Worms

How Does EFT Work?

Five Top Tips for Marketing EFT (or anything)

Thoughts on Surrogate Tapping

A Brief History of Gatherings

How to Run EFT Introductory Evenings

"I Am" Statements

Cancer Survivor Manages Stress with EFT

New Imagineering Article - Endometriosis

Thoughts on EFT and Weight Loss

Thoughts on Introducing the Positive with EFT

Demonstration of EFT Imagineering

Gwyneth's EFT Presentation Slides

Tapping, Trauma and the Brain  A presentation to the British Psychological Association on the Triune stucture of the brain and how that informs the use of EFT for traumatic memory

Keep the Peace - after a transformational retreat or workshop, how to take your change, your peace, back home with you

Tapping, Test, Rehearsal, Reality - a really thorough approach to testing our results with EFT

The EFT Imagineering Ebook five original articles formated as a free attractive ebook (sign up required)

Video clips of EFT-Helps with Gwyneth Moss

Articles and Audios by Gwyneth's Students:   Jessica Mor

At the 2011 EFT Gathering Jessica Mor shared her personal journey to recovery from several serious mental health diagnoses. Jess shares with us how she used EFT to be present with and to transform what is; however distressing. "The Courage to be Present" Download the 2011 Audio, Read the Full Updated Text ( French Le courage d'être présent.) 

At the 2012 Gathering she presented "More Courage More Present" Download the 2012 Audio  

Jessica is now living a happy family life in Portugal.  She works by Skype and phone as an EFT Practitioner for those who identify with her experiences and for whom EFT is not one minute wonder. She also uses surrogate tapping for her clients as a means of tapping into and through memories and experiences which cannot be talked about.  Find out more www.more-freedom.co.uk

Dr Kate James uses EFT in holistic Cancer care

Articles by Gwyneth's Students: Dr Kate James

Dr Kate James previously worked in Palliative Care in the NHS and is also a superb and intuitive practitioner of EFT. In her Integrative Medical Practice Kate uses EFT, Diet and understandings of health from traditional chinese medicine to support patients undergoing conventional cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy).  See www.DrKateJames.com

Dr Kate is presenting at the EFT Gathering, January 2014 in York

EFT Imagineering Kate tells you her daughter's cancer story and how she used EFT Imagineering for her own pain.

Tips for Using EFT to Support Patients with Cancer

Blue Green Algae 

The Hows and Whys of AFA

And from Linda Wood  Thoughts on EFT and Cancer

Linda Wood and Magic Buttons Bear tapping

 Linda Wood and friend
tapping with Magic Buttons

Articles by Gwyneth's Students: 

Jennifer Davidson:  Creative EFT for Parkinson's Disease

Anne Grey:  EFT, Homeopathy and Spirituality

Rob Williams:  Overcoming EFT Blocks and Barriers

John Bullough:  Getting Yourself Out of the Way

Lesley Broadhead:  EFT and Driving Fears

Lis Hammer:  EFT and My Migraines

Gill Lucas:  Strange Pregnancy Symptoms

Adrian Price:  EFT Imagineering Experience

Andy Hunt:  Premature Reassurance

Tapping for Children

Linda Wood:  Grandma and the Bear 

Karen Rowe:  Teenage Troubles

Phil Reed:  The Lonely Cucumber (A childs picky eating)

Patricia Wynne:  Tapping with Grandchildren

Sarah Naylor: Constipation and Big Fears

Tapping for Animals

Jaimes Lyndley:  Rueben Report

David Bryant:  Rufus Runs Away

Agatha Gelderloos: Healing Heartworms

Jean Cotton: Ellie Gets Well Again

Susan Myers:  Tapping for Molly

Jane Bennett:  The Resurrection of Hamish

Linda Parvin:Feline Borrowing Benefits

Articles by Gwyneth's Students: Gillian Wightman

My Own Grief Story

The Importance of Support in EFT

Enhanced Figure and Body Image

Grief and Asthma

Birth Fears and Trauma

Candida and Childbirth Trauma

Writers block and Circumcision

Severe Sore Throat

Fear of Flying

Severe Migraine and Trauma 

EFT for Pain and Guilt

Trauma and Abuse

Improving Mother Child Bonding

Hearing Voices

Intense Childhood Trauma

Disociative Identity Disorder

Demonstrating EFT for a Mental Health Support Team

Carol Look EFT Master Author of Attracting Abundance with EFT

Gwyneth's Interview with Carol Look EFT Master

Carol Look is one of the pioneers of Emotional Freedom Techniques known internationally for her work on creating abundance and attracting success. Carol hosted a weekly hour long radio show on Energy Psychology and Health matters in 2005/6 and here she interviews Gwyneth about her "Art of Delivery" teaching and asks can we all be creative with EFT?

You can access an archive of Carol's interviews with other Energy Psychology personalities and pioneers through her website. www.Carollook.com

Carol Look interviews Gwyneth:  FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and EFT Trainer
Duck in Skipton photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Master presents Emotional Freedom Techniques at EFT Events
Water Lilly photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer teaching EFT Practitioner Level 2 course
Gary Craig founder of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer

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