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EFT Level Three: "The Art of Delivery"

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Since your Level Three I feel my EFT has gone to another level. You are a truly inspirational teacher and sharer - thank you so much!   Deborah Sampson

The underlying theme of this advanced Level 3 workshop is developing creativity in the "Art of Delivery". Teaching and exercises are designed to help you to expand your intuition, to use your imagination to go beyond procedural EFT both with words and tapping.

Follow this link to hear Dr Carol Look interview Gwyneth about the "Art of Delivery" EFT workshop and developing creativity with EFT.

The "Art of Delivery" workshop is for those who have gained experience with EFT and are hungry for more. These two days form the basis for the Level Three programme of mentoring and professional development. Whether or not you choose to go on to gain the Level 3 Practitioner certificate, this advanced EFT workshop will teach you skills and tools to increase your capability and confidence with EFT.

Workshop Content

Topics covered are flexible to meet the needs of the group. There will be live demonstrations, one-to-one exercises and group work. The following will be included:

Continuous tapping for self work, intense experiences, and when a therapist is "stuck"

Conversational EFT and free flowing EFT though creative use of language.

Defusing Rants.  Shoulds, oughts and musts.

Using Choices, introducing affirmations with EFT.

Creative Reframing, the "garbage and the gold" and the therapeutic value of Forgiveness.

Shine the light EFT imagineering technique developed by Gwyneth Moss for using EFT with painless physical symptoms.

The brain science of trauma and Gwyneth's Protective Distancing and Picture (submodalities) techniques for trauma.

Using EFT for reactions to substances and the environment.

EFT for achievement and sports performance.

If you have not already done so I suggest you watch some (or all) of Gary Craig's Borrowing Benefits DVDs which give a superb demonstration of the art of reframing or some of my own DVDs available from www.EFT-Helps.com .  The material on Gary Craig's Speciality Series 2 DVDs is also excellent to watch after this workshop (or before).


Your Trainer: Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

At the 2005 Mastering EFT conference in Bolton Gary Craig called me "a superb tapper" in front of 400 people and I'm quite proud of myself for being able to smile and receive the compliment. I then went on to pass the EFT Masters exam and to present at, so far, six international conferences. 

My intention in this workshop is through the "Art of Delivery" to help you to develop your own individual style with EFT such that your work becomes an expression of your true self. I'd like for you to be able to get out of your own way and to trust that the words will come without worrying if you are doing it right. I have given careful consideration as to how do I do that myself and have thus developed teaching and exercises for you to play with.

As an EFT Master I have passed a rigerous written exam and practical assessment and am one of the few Trainer Trainers in EFT for the AAMET. If it is your ambition to become a EFT trainer then please do ask me about the requirements and the programme of coaching that I offer to enable you to deliver your own workshops with confidence.

EFT Training Venue

Level 3 is taught either at Ilkley Healing Centre or at Abbeyfield see Directions

Ilkley is a Victorian spa town of delightful shops and restaurants. Frequent trains run from Leeds and Leeds-Bradford International Airport is only a few miles away with flights from most UK regional airports and several European cities.  On the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the beautiful valley of Wharfedale, Ilkley is pleasant place to spend the weekend and there is lots to do for partners and families. In the surrounding area there are golf courses, steam trains, historic buildings and glorious countryside. Ilkley offers both good value B&Bs and smart hotels see Where to Stay


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