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EFT Training  with Gwyneth Moss
UK 2015 dates


EFT Guild Training
Part One

12/13 September

10/11 October

14/15 November

EFT Guild Training
Part Two

26/27 September

28/29 November


EFT Guild Part Three

17/18 October

Parcevall Hall
EFT Retreats

21-23 September

22-24 November





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Emotional Health is the canvas
on which happiness is painted

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Emotional Freedom Techniques helps you to  get free of the past and dump your emotional baggage for good.

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EFT Training Dates

Gary Craig and Gwyneth Moss

Gratitude to Gary Craig

Gwyneth Moss at  EFT Events

EFT Events

 Parcevall Hall EFT Retreat

EFT Retreats


EFT dvds by Gwyneth Moss

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EFT Training Companion dvds

EFT Training Companion dvds


photography by Gwyneth Moss


EFT for Beginners and Advanced Practitioners

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master offers EFT training workshops for both newcomers and those who want to deepen their practice and develop more skill.  People who know say that Gwyneth's training is the best there is.  See Gwyneth's calendar

2015 EFT Retreats

21-23rd September  EFT Constellations with Kris Ferraro

22-24th November Blow Your Own Trumpet

NEWS!!! The EFT Gathering 2016 at www.EFTgathering.com


Emotional Freedom Techniques

To be the best of ourselves we need to be emotionally healthy. Just as our physical health requires cultivation through good nutrition, rest and exercise, emotional health requires we release emotional baggage to feel calm, think clearly and act resourcefully.

Maintenance of an emotional garden is a process of weeding and planting.  Fortunately we now have EFT to clear the weeds of anger, hurt and fear sown in times of stress and truama.  Similarly we can free ourselves of the constraints of outdated or false conclusions made early in life. Once we free ourselves from the past - which is to be learned from not lived in - we can nurture our joy and creativity and plant the seeds of our dreams.

EFT gives you, and your clients, a practical tool to dump emotional baggage and so realise your potential for happiness and creativity at work, in loving relationships and in all aspects of life.  Download EFT Training brochure.

Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master

Gwyneth Moss has been studying emotional health and teaching EFT since 2001. Gary Craig the founder of EFT featured Gwyneth on his Mastering EFT Dvds and recognised her as an EFT Master in 2005.  Gwyneth is known for her teaching tool the ABC of EFT, and her advanced EFT techniques: EFT Imagineering, Protective Distancing, Surrogate Tapping Protocol for Animals , Moodlines, Projection Tapping and EFT Family Constellations work. Her clear and commonsense writing has been widely published.  Gwyneth offers FREE EFT Download e-Books and the ABC. Read more and listen to free MP3 resources on the articles page.

An experienced international speaker Gwyneth presented with Carol Look at the EFT Master Showcase in the USA and the annual EFT Masterclass conferences from 2006 to 2011.  She hosted and presented at Exploring Consciousness with EFT with the effects of EFT on brain and body made visible through real-time EEG monitoring and has taught EFT in the USA and Europe.  Gwyneth has run the annual EFT Gathering since 2009. 

Gwyneth Moss teaches EFT in her own unique style 'The Moss Method' and endeavours to maintain consistency with EFT Founder Gary Craig's original concept and core principles.  Gwyneth would like to express her enduring gratitude and deep appreciation for Gary Craig's work in bringing the gift of EFT to the world.

ANIMALS!!! Gwyneth Moss teaches EFT for Animals by individual or group skype sessions with demonstrations, teaching and exercises. Surrogate tapping is remote healing with EFT to inspire all EFT students, even if you are not an animal lover and simply curious.

EFT Helps DVDs Gwyneth's professionally produced EFT DVDs showing advanced and inspirational EFT are now available from www.EFT-Helps.com Watch and tap along with nine moving and heartwarming cases: Lost Love; Abused and Angry; Childhood Loss; Neuralgia; Fear for Child; Too Much Tragedy; Witness to Trauma; Held Back from Success; Money Issues, and free interview dvd.

EFT Training Companion DVDs The first two volumes of Gwyneth's internationally acclaimed training Foundations and Structure&Skills are now available only from Gwyneth.  Read more

No Hype Promise  This is a no-hype website with no adverts or affiliate marketing.  Designed and maintained by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master to share inspiration with all who love EFT pure and simple.    BETTER EFT not FASTER EFT.  Download EFT Training Brochure

Gwyneth's Photography Pages

I used to keep photos in a box under the bed.  This website and my fabulous Nikon DSLR have outed me as a photographer and with encouragement from Mary Thomas I am delighting in putting my photos on this site and sharing how I see the world with the world.  I still use this magnificent camera on auto and I just love it!


Lambs and More Lambs


Parcevall Hall

Water Lillies and More Lillies

The Lakes


Baby Rabbits

The photos on this website are by Gwyneth:  (c) Gwyneth Moss

Photos of Gwyneth are by Mary Thomas  (c) Mary Thomas . . .


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Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and EFT Trainer
Duck in Skipton photo by Gwyneth Moss
Gwyneth Moss  presents at EFT Events
Water Lilly photo by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master
Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer
Gary Craig with Gwyneth Moss EFT Trainer


Emotional Health Techniques with Gwyneth Moss combines Emotional Freedpm Techniques with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies,

and the Human Givens approach to help you get free of the past and maintain emotional health.

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